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This beautiful 4 story house is conveniently located at Beach Access # 3 on Gulf Blvd.
This first floor Green Bedroom is a very large room.  Its door has been widened to accommodate a wheelchair. It has an ensuite bath and a small bunk room within the bedroom.
This large bedroom makes it very easy to maneuver a wheelchair in.  There is a shower chair available for this bathroom.
This Turtle room with a king size bed has a beautiful ocean view and balcony.  It also has an attached ensuite bath.  The parent access to the slide room is also located in the closet of this bedroom.
This large Master Bath Suite is attached to the Turtle Room.  This large shower gives you a spa feel on your feet with the pebble stone flooring.
Large jacuzzi tub for 2
This small bunk room is located inside the first floor Green Bedroom.  It is a little shorter than the average bunk bed and is lowered closer to the floor to be a perfect sleeping spot for smaller children.
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